Flea Bites on Humans

FleaThere are very few things in life as annoying as insect bites. We’ve all had the experience of scratching bites obsessively until they bleed, leaving a painful scab. If you have a bad flea infestation, you know how horrible fleas can be, not to mention hard to get rid of.

What makes bites itch?

The reason flea bites itch is because the flea’s saliva contains an anti-coagulant to thin the blood, which causes an allergic reaction in your skin, and produces and itchy, red bump. These reactions vary, and depend on how allergic you are. Some people hardly react at all, and some have really bad reactions.

The best thing you can do immediately for flea bites is not scratch them. Easy to say, I know, but as I’m sure you know, scratching just makes things worse in the long run. Scratching can also cause a secondary infection, and leave you with something worse than the original bite.

To relieve itching, treat the bites with calamine lotion, tea tree oil, vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Any of these may help. Ice can also provide temporary relief from itching, as can hand-sanitizer, and some anti-septic creams and sunburn remedies.

The long-term solution to flea bites

Of course, all these methods are temporary at best. The only long-term solution to flea bites on humans is to get rid of the fleas themselves. Easier said than done if you have a bad infestation, but it can be done, trust us. The secret to getting rid of fleas is to follow a step-by-step plan, and keep with it.
Commitment is the key to killing fleas. If you stop your flea control program before you’re really rid of them. Flea eggs and larva can live in your carpets and elsewhere in the home, not to mention on your pets, and hatch and re-infest the area after you think you’re done.


Read on to discover the secrets of pet flea control.

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